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"An architect is a draughtsman of dreams"


American Sociologist 

In the old kitchen space -with 4.97 m2- the preparation, cleaning and cooking areas were too difficult_cc3198d_cc3198d_was too -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_las labores  daily for cooking.

It was decided to expand the kitchen by demolishing a wall that separated it from a 4 m2 studio- which was relocated to the mezzanine of the second In the old studio, a black granite bar/island  was built  with a low cabinet and a generous oven tower that allowed -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ expand the kitchen to almost 9 m2

Thanks   a this bar/island allows visual contact with the dining room area allowing the visual and social union of the kitchen that previously it was disconnected and hidden from the others apartment spaces.

To guarantee the privacy of the main bedroom, a wall was built a wall in  glass block, reinforced with 680 PSI iron rods mm welded to a frame of 9 * 9 cm iron tubes connected to the lower and upper plates, guaranteeing the correct union of the non-structural elements to the framed structure of the building.


Visually this glass block wall complements and contrasts perfectly with the black counter that has a hierarchy undeniable in the composition.


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