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"Scheme or project that contains only the main features of an artistic or technical work.

All ideas and dreams - even when they are not strong and clear - must be drawn; That's where the design process begins. How will it look from above? How should it be built? What problems will it have if it is built with this or that material? Architects and engineers begin to resolve these doubts with sketches   that help us find the way. They are an integral part of the process and the travel log in each dream to be fulfilled, and they become art over time. We share with you some sketches of projects carried out in our company.

Each idea and dream must be drawing-even when these ideas are not yet clear-because with this simple but important step starts the path of designing. What kind of problems will appear if we built with this or that material? How will it look like? Architects, designers and engineers  face these doubts drawing sketches that help us to find solutions; These drawings or Sketches become -most of time- on pieces of art. We want to share with you some sketches made in our company. 

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