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manuel andres rubiano arquitecto
Dayan Paola Peña
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Architect with a master's degree in structural technologies  from the Milan Polytechnic - IT


​Founding partner with experience in design and construction of small and medium-scale domestic architecture and large-scale infrastructure design.

Statistics from the National University of Colombia, with specialization and master's degree in Finance. His training and experience in data analysis and the financial sector   allow us to structure construction projects from the first sketches to the final delivery of the architectural object.

Ing.N.SOLLAI Uni. Cagliari-Polimi /Ing. F.REINA Uni. Santo Tomas / Ing.C.ALFONSO Uni.Cátolica/ Arq.M.GARAVITO Uni. Piloto / Arq.M.SERRANO / Arq. A.RIVERA UniAndes / Arq.G.PADILLA Uni.Cátolica / Arq,A.MURCIA Uni.Pilot / Dis.Esp.H, FERRADÁS Uni.Palermo ./   Dis.Gr. Y.VELAZQUEZ School of Arts and Letters / Arq.G.SANCHEZ Uni.Pilot/Unv Manchester.


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