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"Even a brick wants to be something"

louis khan

The EMILIA ROMAGNA building is located in a neighborhood in the north of Bogotá, on a plot of 9 meters wide by 33 meters deep.


The lot had two fronts, which made it possible to separate the pedestrian entrance from the vehicular one, which was designed on the rear façade with a mechanical ramp.


Due to its length, the building has two towers, with separate stairs and independent entrances;  each of these towers has  3 apartments per floor for a total of 24 ranging from 28 to 65 square meters ; On the first floor there are two commercial parking spaces and a community hall;  a semi-basement for parking lots with a machine room complete the architectural program.


The materials chosen for the facade are exposed brick and block covered with plaster and painted in white and gray with architectural expansions that create a set of volumes, providing the sector with a new benchmark for contemporary architecture .  


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