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Located in the municipality of Manta - Cundinamarca in a rural lot at 1500 meters above sea level,  surrounded by native forest, this project arises for a family where an oil painter , her husband, children and grandchildren will enjoy the views and the climate of the place.

The sloping terrain directs the composition  towards level plants, distant views and sunlight allows the location of the great room -with double height and large windows- towards the east enjoying from the morning sun, as well as the main rooms on the first and second levels.


The dining room and kitchen are oriented to the interior garden created thanks to the terrace and the slope of the land. Access to the house is through a steel and wood bridge, which leads to a porch and this into a painting workshop that visually communicates with the large living room and the windows facing east where the morning sun fills light the house. 


The materials used are exposed concrete with which they are built   bush hammered beams and columns_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136 norbad5cf58d_like the one in the eastern corner which is surrounded  by brick  in sight and the one that, together with the glass, are the materials chosen for this home

"The form in architecture does not manifest itself in isolation: it belongs to a place, to a specific "there" and to a particular "thus."



Concepto y Arquitectura:    MANUEL RUBIANO      - Architect / LOC

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